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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971

Wholesale Purchasing
(Ordering in Quantity)

You can order quantities of 100 Lollypops or more and purchase at our volume price!
When ordering in quantity you can purchase our dishes and centerpieces at this lower rate as well.

It is usually best to contact us directly to set up a wholesale account,
and to place custom orders to ensure accuracy, availability and delivery time.

All orders are tentative until they are confirmed by Dorothy Timberlake Candies.

All orders will be made in the "our favorite" flavor assortment unless otherwise specified.

WE make all of our candies by hand,
and unless we are close to a holiday, we do not make candies up ahead, but rather we make our candies to order.
This enables us to provide you with a wide selection of shapes and assortments.
The down side of this is that we usually take at least two weeks to make and process an order.
Please remember this when planning for events. Let us know your preferred delivery date and we will do our best to oblige.

"Standard orders can be made in about two to three weeks, Custom takes four to six weeks,

And the impossible takes a little longer..."


All freight charges for quantity orders are figured at the time of shipping
and are based on package weight and destination zip code.

You can charge your order or to request terms
fill in and retun the form linked below.

The item numbers (which appear with the enlargements) are actually a description.
“E” = Easter (style)
“20” = weight/size
“15” = 15th item in the assortment.


100 Lollypops
Size (weight)
Standard Assortment
Custom Assortment
Miniature Size (10 to 20 Grams )
Small Size (20 to 39 Grams)
Large Size (40 to 59 Grams)
Miniature , Small , Large Candies will be made as lollypops (with stick)
unless specifically requested as clear toys( without stick).

Miniature and Small size are available as Ornaments
Tab and loop (with hang tab and golden stretch loops)for an additional $25.00 (25¢ each )
or Tab only for an additional $5.00 (5¢ each)

Available in Assorted Fruit, Assorted Citrus, Assorted Spice & Assorted Jalapeño
100 One Ounce Bags
100 Quarter Pound Bag (with header)
Five pound Bag
100 One Ounce Bags of Coal



Must be ordered in quality or accompany a volume order to be purchased at this price level.

70 Gram (70 to 99 Grams)
100 Gram (100 to 199 Grams)
200 Gram (200 to 299 Grams)
300 Gram (300 to 499 Grams)
500 Gram (500 to 999 Grams)
1000 Gram (1000 to 1999 Grams)
2000 Gram (2000 to 2999 Grams)
3000 Gram (3000 to 3999 Grams)
All Centerpieces are ordered by item number.
Hand hollowed and assembled pieces are priced slightly higher.



Special Items
Special Items are more elaborate and take greater skill and time to create, thus the special price.
Case 100
Miniature Butterflies
Solid Color
Case 48
Small Butterflies:
Solid Color
Case of 100
Case of 100
Case of 6
Case of 4
Case of 12
Case of 12
Case of 6
Case of 3

Pedestals (when ordered with dishes)

Case of 24
Case of 24
Case of 6
Case of 6 Child's Tea sets  
Set of 12
Nursery Song Boards:
Case of 6
Case of 4 Large  
as part of volume order X-Large  
Case of 8
100 gram
200 Gram


Lollypop Displays may be purchased with Volume Orders



We recommend the use of a display to support our lollypops and prevent breakage. You can use a "Lollipop Tree" for the small size. Large size should be kept vertical or the sticks may bow. A weighted vase with a wire frog or a container filled with marbles will do.

The most interesting (and least expensive) lollypop display I've seen was a piece of driftwood with holes the diameter of the sticks drilled 1/2" into the wood, spaced about 1 1/2" apart and a small fluorescent light behind.


By back lighting or bottom lighting with florescent or incandescent lighting you can double your sales.

For best results store in less than 75 & in Less than 40% humidity.

If you intend to freeze or refrigerate our candies be sure to bring to room temperature in very low humidity

to prevent condensation from melting the candy's surface.


Please Note:
All of our candies are made to order.
Production times will vary,
but it usually takes at least a week to create and package candy for any order.
It can take 5 to 7 days just in shipping time to deliver to the Central and Western U.S.,
So expect a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks before you receive your candies!
If you are ordering for a special event,
please contact us to ensure your candy arrives for when you need it!