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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971


We just wanted you to know...

We take great pride in making our Candies.

We strive to create the best Barley Candy possible,

Using the best ingredients and flavors we can find,

Taking great care in the process of cooking, pouring, and packaging

And utilizing the most interesting molds form our vast collection.


We make all of our candies by hand,

and unless we are close to a holiday, we do not make candies up ahead, but rather we make our candies to order.

This enables us to provide you with such a wide selection of shapes and assortments.

The down side of this is that we usually take at least two weeks to make and process an order.

Please remember this when planning for events. Let us know your preferred delivery date and we will do our best to oblige.

"Standard orders can be made in about two to three weeks,

Custom takes four to six weeks,

And the impossible takes a little longer..."


Our Candies will not liquefy like some lollypops.

(We have kept pieces five years and then eaten them)


We believe in our candies and stand behind their quality.

If you receive imperfect candies let us know and we will gladly send a refund or replacement!



Customers have used our candies as favors for out-door summer weddings.

(They are much more durable than chocolates)


Customers have used our dishes to serve Ice Cream!

(Not for use with hot foods or hot beverages as it will cause warping and melting. It is candy you know.)


For best results store below 75 and in less than 40% humidity.

(i.e. Do not leave them in the back seat of your car in summer)

If you intend to freeze or refrigerate our candies be sure to bring to room temperature in very low humidity

to prevent condensation from melting the candy's surface.

All Standard Assortments will Vary.

Selected items may be ordered individually by item number.