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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971

Our Dishes are all made of Barley Candy!

These designs are all authentic replicas made from Dorothy's personal collection
of antique cut glass and depression glass dishes.

To see all of the patterns available click on these links to view each size.

Combine Dishes and Pedestals to create a unique centerpiece!

Dishes are perfect as favors! They can be filled with other candies to create a unique gift

Each dish is available in any color or any flavor!
The color shown is not necessarily the color it will be made.
Fill in the drop down menu to specify a particular color or flavor if it is important to you.

We have put large gourmet truffles in our small dishes, chocolate covered nuts or espresso beans.
Turtles, chocolate pretzels and chocolate dipped strawberries will work as well.

You can order dishes individually. You can specify shape (see the dish pages), flavor and color (see the flavor pages).
Go to the "add to cart button" on the page where your dish is shown (small medium large etc.) enter the color and flavor you want, then add it to your shopping cart.

In Spring 2005
The Knot used silver jordan almonds
to fill our dishes.

Our Favor(ite) Things
After the last dance ends, see off your guests with a gracious gift.
Photos By: Alex Cao
Jordan Almonds complement colorful candy dishes in
your wedding colors, perfectly. Find vintage dishes at flea
markets -- they'll cost less and won't look too matchy-matchy.

Any of our small dishes are good for individual servings.

If you intend for your guests to take them home, we recommend that you leave the dish wrapped (& labeled),
add your candies, then double wrap in a sheet of cellophane, and dress with a name tag, ribbon and toile.

One woman from Massachusetts who made delicious hand dipped chocolates, filled one of our dishes with her chocolates and sent a gift to a friend in Florida. The lady who received the gift, ate the chocolates but thought the dish was a little sticky, so she put the dish in the dish washer, and was quite baffles when, of course, the dish disappeared . When the poor woman called her friend in Massachusetts she was informed that the dish was actually candy and she was supposed to have eaten it.

If you leave it wrapped your guests should be able to see that the dish is candy.


If you intend to serve in the dishes, we recommend that you un-wrap them and present them on another dish.

They can be filled (just prior to serving) with mouse, sorbet, ice cream or even cold soup!

In 2003 Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine used our dish (#PL-5) on a medium pedestal (#PM-7)and filled it with pillow mints.



Pedestals can be combined with dishes to create tiered "compote" dishes.
Pedestal and dish are shipped as a kit to be assembled.
Simply place a small amount of water on the contacting surfaces and allow to dry.

You may choose to use any pedestal with any dish.

As seen in the 2009 Spring issue of
Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine

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