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Sweet Stories


Once in a while we receive a wonderful letter and I thought to share a few with you.


Hi Faith,
Thanks for your time and candy knowledge.  I love your flowers and bought them twice.  The first time, I was going to give them away but they never made it to my friends.  I ate them all......  then I ordered them again!  Guess what?  Those never made it to my friends either. 
I'll be placing an order for 100 after I figure out which ones I want.
Could you send me a picture of your regular and miniature fruits? 
Thanks so much,
Barbara Engel



Hi there,
I happened across your web site by accident and boy was I glad I did!! I haven't seen barley
candy since I was a young boy when my dad would get it for us on special occasions.
My name is Ray, 55 years of age and I live in Michigan. The candy I remember was colored but unflavored and
very hard. It seemed to last forever and that was so special. If I remember correctly, the taste
was unique, not like regular hard candies but sweet and delightful.
I remember my Dad telling me that as a small boy he received a barley candy Ship. It had the
rigging and a couple of sails and he never forgot it. It also was not flavored and if memory
serves me right it didn't last long! LOL  My dad was from Canada so I thought that barley
candy was made only in Canada.
Please answer a question for me when you have time. Does barley candy that has no flavor
taste as wonderful as I remember or am I mistaken? Maybe the barley candy we had was flavored
and I didn't know it. It's been a long time since I've tasted it and I would like to order some
in the near future.
Thank you so very much for your time and I will visit your web site often! This type
of candy is an old tradition I will never forget !!!
God Bless,
Raymond Charlong, Jr.



I received the Barley Sugar Candy Toys the other day.  They are just like I remember them.  My husband never had them before (he must have been a deprived child LOL) and I wanted him to experience the pleasure.  I gave him one and he said, "leave the wrapper because I probably won't finish the whole thing."  He's not a candy guy.  Ok so fast forward - I'm upstairs (eating a toy) and getting some stuff together.  Bob comes upstairs to let me know he was going to visit a neighbor.  I notice he's still eating the toy and it's almost gone.  He says, "these things are really good.  And they keep getting better, I couldn't put it down!"  Ahhh, another convert.
I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the candy tremendously and will certainly be buying more when the season starts up again.
Paula Pfaff



My candies arrived earlier this week and I lost no time trying one and I enjoyed it fully.  I also read the little card that accompanied the order and, accepting it as your heart-felt reminiscence, I am impelled to respond. 
My grandchildren will soon be contemplating parenthood themselves.  But I can not remember their being as gleeful as was I in my childhood years about barley sugar candy.  Treats and gifts today are so much more substantial and commonplace that a child's reaction to sucking a barley sugar lollipop must be little more than a novelty.  Not so when I was a child.  In fact these wonderfully simple confections were a high point during the Christmas season when and if we had one.  To this day, I get immense pleasure from them when I am lucky enough to find one.  I guess that is one lasting residue of my childhood.
I am glad that internet led me to Timberlake.



Dear Faith:
I wanted to write to you to let you know how much you and your mother have been in our lives for the past 15 years.  I don't know if you remember us or now, we started our ordering when we lived in Alaska when our family was young and we has very little money just a lot of memories of the Northeast and the childhood memories of mine, Betty, when I was living there with my family.  We had Barley candy every Christmas and looked forward to that every year.  I am now 53 years old.  We would hide our candy to make it stretch into the year so it would not end at Christmas.  When I read an article of your mom and her candy in Country living, I ordered candy right away to start the tradition in our family with my little children.  We lived in a family with my husband in the Coast Guard and moved around every 3 years and I wanted to have Barley candy toys in our family at Christmas as my loving mother did for our family.  We had very little money, but every year I ordered a little bit of candy for my little ones.  One Christmas was especially difficult and I didn't think we would be able to make our Christmas order and you and your staff put together the most WONDERFUL box of candy and sent it to our family and all signed the letter for us ( which I still have in a Christmas scrap book)  There was even a special candy dish for my mother in the box who lived in Oregon.  Every year I was able to get a little bit of candy and always shared a little with my mother and she was so happy she looked forward to it each year.
My little children are growing fast.  My "Little boy" is 21 years old, 6'4", size 17 show, 250 pounds, we now live in Pocatello Idaho where he attends Idaho State University.  My "Little Girl" is 17 years old and ready to go into nursing school at ISU and my husband is out of the Coast Guard and attending ISU full time as well.  We adopted a little girl in Alaska Though when we were there and she is only 6 years old now and really excited for the candy, especially the pickles.  So..... we look forward to our Christmas box this year with tears and gratefulness.  Thank you so much Faith for being in our Lives, as well as your employees and the memories of your Mom who I am sure is as special in your memories as my mom. 
Love and Merry Christmas
Betty L. Dean

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