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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971


Decorating Cakes

Our candies can be used to enhance any cake.
Here Jimmy Pickering( sugar ) has used
one of our Halloween Centerpieces for his cake design.

Clear toys (without sticks) can placed on the surface of your cake.

Lollipops can be added to your cake by inserting the stick through the layers of your cake, making the lollypops less likely to slip or tip.


Wedding Centerpiece Kit #3 can be used to top a cake and an additional set ordered as two plain disks and 4 pillars and used as a central tier for a cake.


A dish and pedestal combination can be added to a cake, then filled candy or with frosting or fondant flowers.


You can add color to Barley Candy using the color "dust" used for coloring fondant flowers.


Fill dishes with chocolates or Jordan Almonds

Place the wrapped* dish on a square of cellophane. Arrange the desired candies in the Barley Candy dish.Pull up the cellophane and tie with a bow or tulle. You can even add an enclosure card or place card.

*One lady receiving a gift of hand made chocolates in an unwrapped Barley Candy dish, enjoyed the chocolate then felt that her dish was a little sticky, so she washed it in her dishwasher. Needless to say the hot water melted the dish and it disappeared! Double wrapping leaves the label in place so your guests know that the dish is candy.


In Spring 2005
The Knot used silver jordan almonds to fill our dishes.

Our Favor(ite) Things
After the last dance ends, see off your guests with a gracious gift.
Photos By: Alex Cao
Jordan Almonds complement colorful candy dishes in
your wedding colors, perfectly. Find vintage dishes at flea
markets -- they'll cost less and won't look too matchy-matchy

Use lollipops as place markers

Choose a lollipop assortment or shape which complements the theme of your party. Order an appropriate number of candies. Create a name tag for each guest. You can cut shapes from a nice linen card stock or a heavy hand made paper, then fold for a "book" or leave flat for greater legibility. Using a decorative punch make a hole in one corner or side. Cut a nine to twelve inch length of ribbon, raffia, yarn or cording. Double the tie and pass the loop down through the hole, then back up through the loop. Tie to your lollipop around the clear tape. Use a small piece of clear tape or hot glue at the back to secure the cord to prevent slipping. Add to your table arrangement.

Arrange lollipops as a candy bouquet.

Choose a container to hold your bouquet. (basket bowl pot vase tin) If your container is light weight add a weight to the bottom of container to counterbalance the "top heavy" lollipops . Wedge in a piece of dry floral foam to fill about 3/4 of container. Cover with moss, excelsior or use a commercial paper or cellophane shred. Add and arrange the lollipops pressing the stick in 3/4" to 1 1/2" into the floral foam. Lollipops can be "wired" with wire and floral tape to add height. Silk or dried flowers/foliage and other decorative elements may be added as well.

Lollipops can be added to a traditional flower arrangement using a bud vial to protect the stick from moisture.

Amy Atlas has used our candies in a beautiful desert table arrangement.

She has created unique lollipop trees which balance the height of her cake while continuing the bright airy feel of this amazing desert presentation.

Fill baskets with chocolate dipped strawberries


Choose a BIG Barley Candy Centerpiece -

statue of liberty
Bridal Shower Bride & Groom doves swans bells flowers



Baby Shower Stork /shoes/ carriage/ twins /triplets
ducks, teddy bears, baby bottle
Child's Birthday nursery rhyme
Carousel Cake Kit circus
transportation western
Dinosaurs  sports
Elegant butterflies/ birds/dishes  
 Unique tools

Do you need a lot of lollypops?


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