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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971


Many years ago we used to taste test our candy by whacking a lollypop on one of our marble table tops
to break them into small pieces. My Mom would say "It's the adult way to eat barley candy"
(you could sample several flavors and not walk around for hours with a stick in your mouth).
It also made it easier to share. My Grandmother, (then in her 90's) preferred it and suggested that
perhaps we should bag them up and sell them this way, and as it took less work to make them,
we could sell them for a better price. It's true. GEMS are the least expensive form of Barley Candy we make!
You get an assortment of flavors in every bag and it's easy to share them with a friend (if you want to...).

We do not recommend that children under the age of three eat GEMS without adult supervision.

Ginger GEMS

A New study shows Ginger help relieve nausea associated with with Chemotherapy!

By popular request we have made up Ginger Barley Candy GEMS.

These candies are flavored with Ginger oil, have no color added, and are fat-free, nut-free, wheat-free & sodium-free.


Many people already buy Barley Candy for Chemotherapy. Let us know if it helps you!
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Oncologist have recommended the consumption of
citrus flavored Barley Candy for their chemotherapy patients.
Patients find it helpful in relieving the dry mouth and metallic taste
which are common conditions resulting from treatment.


Three Quarter Pounds of Citrus GEMS

Three Quarter Pounds of Fruit GEMS


A new customer found this posting about Altitude Sickness on an Australian web site for travel to the Andes. (thank you Nora)
It kind of makes sense that Barley Candy might help, at least with the nausea...




Three Quarter Pounds of Spice GEMS






Three Quarter Pounds of Heirloom GEMS  



You don't have to choose... Try the One Pound Sampler-

One bag of assorted fruit GEMS , One bag of citrus GEMS ,
One bag of spice GEMS and one bag of Heirloom GEMS

GEM Sampler

"Because you're naughty ...

and nice"




Four One Ounce Bags of COAL

Do you want a lot of gems?





One ounce bags of GEMS are also available in a case of 100

in a five pound bag



100 One Ounce bags of COAL




All Standard Assortments will vary.
Selected Shapes May be ordered individually by number.