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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971
About Barley Candy...
What's in it?
The ingredients of our Barley Candy are as follows:
Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water. Barley Water, Natural Flavors & Certified food colors (see below)

Our candies are-

Nut-free, Sodium-free, Wheat-free & Fat-free!

Red has Red #40
Yellow has Yellow #5
Green has Yellow #5 & Blue #1
Blue & Purple have Red #40 & Blue #1
Pink has Red #3
Orange has Yellow #6 and Red #40
Titanium Dioxide is in white or opaque colors only.
You can custom order your candies with "no color added" if you have a sensitivity to a color.
We do not use nuts in any of our candies.
Real butter is added to our Butterscotch ,our Butter-Rum, and our newest flavor Apple Pie.

Barley Sugar

Twisted sticks of Barley Sugar were originally made in the 17th century by boiling down refined cane sugar (a new product at that time) with barley water *, cream of tartar, and water. During the 18th century metal molds were used to create the wonderful variety of shapes known as Barley Sugar Clear Toys. These became a popular Victorian Christmas treat. Many people who have grown up in the Northeast will recall these candies which were often made locally by someone's grandmother or the wife of a doctor or pharmacist. This candy has a simple, yet distinctive light sweet flavor, which is a fond remembrance from childhood. We still make a limited amount of these Barley Sugar candies once a year just before Christmas. The addition of barley water (a starch) alters the surface tension during cooking, producing a more long lasting candy.
*Pearls of barley are boiled for several hours in water until thoroughly cooked, and then the barley “mush” is strained off leaving barley water.

Barley Candy
Adding corn syrup to the Barley Sugar recipe and omitting the cream of tartar creates Barley Candy. This traditional recipe increases the stability of the candy, enabling us to add a wonderful selection of natural flavors, and improves the durability, by reducing “sugaring” (a natural clouding of the surface brought on by warm and humid weather) and prevents liquefaction (a common difficulty with other types of lollypop). Barley Candy is a remarkably soothing **, hard, transparent, and long lasting candy.
** Traditionally Barley Candy and was used to soothe a sore throat and calm upset stomachs.The "secret" ingredient is BARLEY WATER (listed in the ingredients).
For Cancer Patients
Oncologists recommend the consumption of  citrus  flavored  Barley Candy for their chemotherapy patients. Patients find it helpful in relieving the dry mouth and metallic taste which are common conditions resulting from treatment.


Clear Toy Candy
"Clear Toy Candy" refers to the molding of hard candy into various three dimensional shapes without sticks (not a lollypop). The term does not imply the use of Barley Candy, though traditionally Barley Sugar and Barley Candy were used to make clear toy candy.


Barley Candy is basically crystallized sugar, a natural preservative*. When it is stored in it's sealed bag, will not "go bad". We have eaten pieces five years old with no ill effect, and they still tasted great.

For best results: store below 75� and in less than 40% humidity. (i.e. Do not leave them in the back seat of your car in summer)
. For long term storage in humid climates you may want to keep your candies in a glass or metal covered container as plastic will not protect as well from humidity.


Barley Candy -
-has Barley Water as an ingredient.
-has a distinctive glass like clarity,
-is harder than most candies- we recommend that you do not -bite our candy as the effect is similar to chewing ice,
-lasts a long time (if you don’t bite it) so a little goes a long way. (One lollypop can keep a fractious child busy on a very long drive.)
-soothes a sore throat.
-relieves dry mouth.
-helps calm an unsettled stomach.