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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971

Christmas Candies

Sunday December 20th is the last day to order
for Christmas delivery 2009!!
Twelve Barley Candy
Christmas Lollipops

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Want something spectacular for your table or mantle?
Take a look at our Barley Candy Centerpieces.


Twelve Barley Candy
Christmas Clear Toys

Christmas Ornaments

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Barley Candy
Christmas Ornaments

Each Ornament is individually shrink wrapped,
with a clear hang tab and a golden stretch bow
ready to hang on your tree or attach to a gift!

Do you need a lot of lollipops? You can order 100 of any selection.

100 Christmas Clear Toys
100 Christmas Lollipops
100 Christmas Ornaments


Barley Sugar Candy

The hard to find original form of Barley Candy .
It looks like regular Barley Candy but it is known for it's distinctive light sweet flavor.
Those who know this candy, know the difference and accept no substitutes or imitations.

We have extended the deadline for orders for Plain Barley Sugar due to wet weather!
Orders must be placed BEFORE December 7, 2009

To be delivered in December 2009 in time for Christmas.

Plain Barley Sugar is made only once a year in December for Christmas delivery.

Orders with plain will be shipped together for Christmas delivery.
If you need to receive your other candies earlier, place separate orders & contact us about the feasibility for earlier delivery

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Plain Barley Sugar

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Plain Barley Sugar

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Plain Barley Sugar
Clear Toys

These are our Large Size Christmas Lollipops!

Twice the lollipop of our small.


Get Barley Candy for a
bargain price!

Four one ounce bags
of Black Raspberry flavored COAL



Six Christmas Pickle Ornaments

These candies are the edible version of the traditional "lucky pickle" ornament.

The Pickle Ornament is hidden on your Christmas Tree, and the first child who finds it, receives an extra gift from Santa, and the first adult who finds it is said to receive a year of good luck.


This sleigh is a foot long and filled with toys, Santa is five inches tall, and these 8 reindeer are each six inches tall!



All Standard Assortments will Vary.

Selected items may be ordered individually by item number.

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