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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971

ear Friend,
     One of my fondest childhood memories is from the 1920`s. I went with my best friend to watch her mother make barley candies in their kitchen. I remember the fascinating shapes she made: a camel, a horse, and a monkey. One barley lollypop lasted such a long time!
    In 1971 my husband found three, antique cast iron, clear toy molds and gave them to me for my birthday. I then proceeded to search for an authentic barley candy recipe. That summer I made my first lollypops. I had not seen Barley Candy in stores anywhere, so I put my lollypops in a basket and went around to shops in the White Mountains. They were such a delightful success! I was encouraged to take the lollypops to stores in Boston. This was the beginning of my candy business.
Although we could find no one who still made lollypops by hand, candy manufacturers were generous with advice. Mr. Green of an old Boston candy machine company found more of these clear toy molds for us. He gave us a mold of a pair of billing doves. We put two holes in the bottom and inserted two sticks to make our first innovation, a “courting pop” (a lollypop for a loving pair). Since then we have found molds all over the world in factories, candy shops, antique shops, and flea markets. We have found clear toy molds, ice cream molds, chocolate molds, springerli (cookie) molds, honeycake molds, butter stamps, and many more. Some are only half an inch long, and others are three feet tall. We now have over 13,000 different shapes (including the camel, horse, and monkey). Ours is quite likely the largest collection of antique candy molds in the world.
   The business grew too large for my home kitchen in Belmont, Massachusetts. We moved into the house where I was born in Eaton Center, New Hampshire. This former inn has been in the family for eight generations. We remodeled the entire first floor to create our “candy kitchen”. With the help of one of my daughters and a few talented friends, our candy making family was complete. My seventeen grandchildren still make the best “taste testers”.
  Over the years Dorothy Timberlake Candies continues to make simple old-fashioned candy. We studied and experimented to make a variety of unique barley candy products. Our “Cut Glass” and “Sandwich Glass” dishes are candy dishes you can eat! We have delicate flowers, formed petal by petal. For Christmas, lollypops and clear toys become ornaments with golden loops and bows. Most recently we developed shimmering multi-colored “Gems”. Every single barley candy lollypop is still hand crafted one at a time. They are cooked in small batches, poured precisely into the desired shapes, cooled on marble, carefully filed to remove any sharp edges, then individually wrapped and labeled.
  Our web site illustrates only a few items in our most popular assortments. Please get in touch with us about the other beautiful creations we can make for you.





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