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Specializing in Handmade Old Fashioned Barley Candy Since 1971

Barley Twist Sticks

Each twist weighs three ounces and is between seven and eight inches long!

We make each piece individually by hand.
First we pour two flavor layers of our candy into a mold,
then, while it's all still warm, it's carefully lifted onto the marble table top
then twisted and rolled by hand to form one of these special sticks.

All are made of Barley Candy which is not pulled and aerated like most candy sticks,
so the colors are so clear you can see right through it!



Each set of these six tremendous Twists gives you 18 ounces of delicious Barley Candy!


The Taste of Penny's Fruit Cobblers
Penny's new apple pie flavor is so good that we all not only wanted more
, but just had to share it.
Penny's nephew Jeremy had some and asked if we could make his favorite Peach Cobbler.
So she went to work in Dorothy's kitchen and came up with not only peach but all these delicious new flavors!

These Six New Fruit Cobbler Flavors combine
All natural fruit flavors, vanilla, spices and real butter
to recreate the taste of these
Old Time New England desert favorites.

Black Raspberry Cobbler

Apple Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler





Blueberry Cobbler








Peach Cobbler



Apricot Cobbler